Red Velvet Pancakes


It took me many tries to achive these pancakes. I played with the flour and sugar in order to get the ideal color. At first, I used brown sugar with white rice flour and another with whole wheat flour but I did not succeeded. The rice flour textue was hard although I added a bit of coconut oil and their where more a pink color. The whole wheat flour did not took the red color. So I went with the white sugar and whole wheat flour. Instead of vanilla, I used coconit essence beacuse it has a delicious and unique flavor and it is white. If I used vanilla, the pancakes’ color will be affected. It was a whole chemistry laboratory!


Red velvet cake consist of a delicate chocolate flavor, red color and lots of frosting usually made of cream cheese ot buttercream. These pancakes are better than a cake! They are fluffy, sweet, chocolaty and most important, healthy and fun to do! Their color come from the blend of beets and strawberries.


I added a piece of Dagoba dark chocolate (that would be about 1T of dark chocolate chips).


As a frosting, I used cottage cheese, but greek yogurt will also be awesome. Finally, I topped the red velvet pancakes with toasted almonds, coconut and rasberries.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour      2tsp white sugar      1T dark chocolate chips    1/4tsp baking powder    a pinch of salt      1/4tsp coconut essence


Frosting: 1/3cup greek yogurt or cottage cheese      1/4tsp vanilla


Toppings: 2tsp toasted almonds and coconut shreds       rasberries


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          In a bowl, combine the ingredients for the pancakes, except chocoalte chips and mix with the beet and stawberry juice until pancake conssitency. Now, add the dark chocolate chips.


Turn on a pan on medium heat and drizzle coconut oil. Pour an amount of the batter in the pan and let cook until fluffy. Then, flip the pancake and cook 30secs.


Transfer the cooked pancakes to the serving dish.


Mix the frosting with the vanilla and it between each pancake.


Finally, add the toppings.


Nutritonal facts: 6g fat       43g carbohydrates       12g protein


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