Black Coffee

black coffee

Black Coffe is the cafeteria of the Fine Arts Center of Santurce.


It offers a variety of healthy food, delights and coffee. Its black, white and red color and the wooden floor attibutes a relax atmosphere to enjoy your order. It is ideal for people visiting the Fine Arts Center and specially to the dancers, singers and artists in the backstage. In Black Coffee you can fuel up your body with their sheavenly coffee and menu variety,


They cook breakfast such as waffles, french toasts, omellettes, scrambled or fried eggs with toasts. You can also have a revitalizing açai bowl that includes your fruit of choice, granola and coconut oil. You can also order a fruit shake (2 fruits) with their fruit choices: papaya, banana, strawberries, mango and pineapple. They have an energetic shake named Black Roostes which is made of banana, peanut butter and almond milk. It is completely vegan, healthy, delicious and will boost your body for a good rehearsal.

WP_20150406_005 Papaya with Peanut Butter

WP_20150407_003 Strawberry and Papaya smoothie

WP_20150408_011 Black Rooster Shake

Their shakes and smoothies are make with real fruits. In the strawberry smoothie you can see the little dots that a strawberry has.

WP_20150410_028Strawberry Smoothie with coconut oil

On their menu they also provide wraps or paninis with chicken, turkey, tuna or just vegetables.

WP_20141114_014 Turkey

WP_20150410_030 Vegetarian (mozzarella cheese, which brings a great texture, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro and onions with balsamic)

They also have calzones for those italian food and pizza lovers. You can go for a light lunch by ordering a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pepper and cucumber and your choice of dressing.


They are specialized on making coffee. Their coffe is one of my favorites in the local places in Puerto Rico. You can have a latte, espresso, americano, cappucino, mochaccino and frapuccino which comes in different sizes from 4oz to 12oz. They have vegan milk alternatives such as almond milk. They also provide a variety of teas.



In a corner of the place they have a bar with pastries (some local or homemade), croissant, bagels, yogurts and fruits.  WP_20150408_007WP_20150410_035

The prices are not expensive and they serve everything cautiously and with dedication.


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