Mint Crepe


This crepes are beautiful and really refreshing. I made green mint crepes! The color is so brilliant and attractive. They got their green color from a spinachs I blended with water in a blender. I was a bit insecure at first of doing this crepe with whole wheat flour and brwon sugar because I thought that the soft brown color will affect the outcome of the green one, but it was not a problem because the color turned out successfully. You do not have to make mint pancakes with a green color, but I think that we usually associate that color with mint because of the leave. As you can see, I played with the colors when topping the crepes.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                     yield: 1 serving

1/4cup whole wheat flour        2tsp brown sugar     spinach juice      a pinch of salt     1/2tsp mint essence

For the filling: 1/2cup greek yogurt    1/4tsp coconur essence

Toppings: 2T almonds

Additional: fruits, syrup


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                    Mix all the ingredients for the crepe and add the spinach juice until a crepe consistency. Turn on a pan andadd coconut oil in spray. Pour all the batter in the pan and move it in a circle movement. Cook for on side until it looks firm and the edges lift a little. Then flip for 45secs.


Tranfer the crepe to the serving dish and and the greek yogurt. Then add the almonds and the desire toppings.


Nutritional facts: 8g fat      37.5g carbohydrates     18g protein


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