Choose your pastry!

Hey guys! This week I started selling this muffins that I personally mastered.

They are baked with whole wheat flour, eggs and brown sugar. Each muffin contains less than 6g of sugar.

If you want to contact me for additional information, feel free to contact me trough myy e-mail:

Cocoa and Granada Muffins


Fluffy muffins that will surprise you with each bite you take because you can get a bitter dark chocolate chip or a sweet piece of granada aril.

Individual: $1.25                                                                                                                                                               WP_20150221_017

Half dozen (6 muffins): $5.50


Nutritional facts: 2.5g fat     19g carbohydrates     5g protein



Banana and Blueberry Muffins


Not sweet enough to get two of them! Soft and spongy, you will love these muffins for your coffee or tea break.


Individual: $1.25


Half dozen (6muffins): $5.50


Nutritional facts: 2g fat     19g carbohydrates     3g protein


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