Buen Vecino Café, a friendly coffee restaurant at Hato Rey


Buen vecino café is located in Hato Rey in the Hostos Avenue. When entering the place is really like entering your neighbor’s house. The cashiers are always very kind and happy to assist you. They know very well their clients because some citizens enter and the barista already know what they want either for drinking or eating. They are loyal clients to Buen Vencino like me because I always go before (and when early, after) my Ballet class in order to have a meal, relax time or coffee booster time.


Here you can delight a complete breakfast with your coffee cup according to you liking. Their menu includes tuna, turkey, ham, egg, cheese or beans sandwich in pita bread, whole wheat, white or wrap. Each sandwich comes with a green salad and  a special homemade sauce. They also have a chicken, tuna or eggplant salad.


My favorite one is the beans wrap because I love its soft texture and nice flavor. It pairs up perfectly with the spinach and other veggies that make this dish healthier. The sauce really modifies the flavor of this wrap. If you ordered it with or without the sauce it will taste completely different.


For lunch they make their own plantain or pumpkin soup. You better get yours fast because they runs out quick. Besides they also have home made fresh orange or acerola juice. If you want something fresher you can have a papaya, strawberry, banana or açai smoothie with granola, oats or coconut oil.


Here are some pictures of the Pecan Bites. The crust is salty and the interior has a pecan flavor and a slightly crunchy texture.


In a coffee place, the dessert is a most! They have Puerto Rican eleborated carrot cakes, guava or nutella cake, pumkin or banana loaf, and different cookie flavors. They also have quesitos!


The manager, Quique, is the barista of the local program Viva la tarde. He always concerns of his clients to get the best coffee cup. In Buen Vecino they offer you all the newspapers up to date so you can read them with your lush coffee.

Espresso (1)Espresso (2)WP_20141211_008

Buen Vecino’s coffee is bitter. At first I thought it was burned, but after many visits and coffee seminars I learned it was the type of grain. You can have a cortadito, espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, frappuccino and add any flavor to you coffee or extra shot. They have almond, cow and soy milk.

Cortadito Buen vecinoCortadito (2)Cortadito (1)

They also have hot chocolate Cortés.


They are allied with Café Pendiente which is a company that gifts a cup of coffee to a person in need. It works like this. You left a paid coffee, they put you on a list and then there is a a paid coffee for someone. We can say is like giving happiness to someone. They usually give this cup of coffee the men who clean the trash in the mornings or an old person who does not has enough money.


They also have a coffee card that when you buy your tenth coffee, you get the next one free!


For the tea lovers, they also have a variety of teas.


If you are looking for a place to study or get your work done, Buen Vecino is a great place to go to. If using the WiFi you just have to ask to the cashier.


They also make delivery!

Phone number:787-947-6668                                                                     Facebook: Buen vecino café                                                                       Instagram: buenvecinocafé

Buen Vecino Café

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