Banana and Strawberry Pancakes


Strawberry with bananas? Or bananas with strawberries? Anywyas, it is a famous combination of two sweet and nutritious fruits. Bananas are known for there potassium and electrolytes. This amazing fruit is recommended before, during or after a workout because it gives energy. Bananas are very useful in the kitchen. They can be used as eggs, moisturizer and sweetner. Bananas grow easily in Puerto Rico. Anyone can have a banana plant in their backyard and they grow through out the year.


On the other hand, strawberries are well known because of its low sugar content and low glycemic index. This red berry is high in antioxidant that serves as anti-inflamatory and anti-aging. Strawberries are best grwon in cold places and they grow like a creeper. Although I live in Puerto Rico and the climate is pretty hot and damp, I once had strawberries in my garden. I remembered they were small, but healhy and very sweet when I ate them directly from the climbing plant.


So, this pancakes are vegan! And just could not believe how fluffy they were. Instead of an egg, I made a flax egg with 3T flax seeds and 5T water. Then, I let it stand for 15mins. My original pancake recipe is truly delicious, healthy, and fluffy neverthless, I needed greek yogurt and egg to make them and in many ocassions I got out of eggs or greek yogurt and could not make them. Cheerfully, I now can make my pancakes with less ingredients and I will still have fluffy, delicious and healthy pancakes and vegan!



I used the strawberry water as a syrup, but you can make strawberry syrup, coffe, banana or peanut butter syrup that will work great with these pancakes.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour       3T milled flax seeds       5T water          1.5oz mashed banana        strawberry water           1/2tsp baking soda      2tsp brown sugar     pinch of salt and cinnamon

Additional:      strawberries              1.5 banana


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               For the strawberry water: Let the frozen strawberries to melt. Store that juice in a glass and add water to dilute it.

Let stand the flax seeds with the water for 15mins. In the meantime, mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. On a separate bowl, mashed the banana and add the sugar, vainilla and flax egg. Once mixed well, add it to the dry ingredients and slowly add the strawberry water until reached a pancake consistency. WP_20150126_002

Turn on a skillet and add coconut oil spray. Add an amount of pancakes. Take a straberry and cut it in slices. Then, put them on top of the cooking pancakes. When the pancake seems firm (about 2mins), flip it anc cook one more minute. Once done, you can transfer it to the serving dish. Repeat the process with the remaining batter.


Add banana slices between each pancake and also drizzle strawberry water.


Finally, topped the panckes with the remaining banana and strawberries.


Nutritional facts: 9.5g fat     57g carbohydrates      11.5g protein


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