Rasberries, Figs, Coconut, Pecans and Spinach Salad

I created this AMAZING salad. After this, all you will want to lunch is this sweet, fun, healthy and delicious salad. It contains rasberries, coconut shreds, figs, pumpkin, pecans and wilted spinachs. The essence of this recipe is how each ingredient compliment in order to activate all the phytochemicals, nutrients and properties that will bedelivered … Continue reading Rasberries, Figs, Coconut, Pecans and Spinach Salad

Choose your pastry!

Hey guys! This week I started selling this muffins that I personally mastered. They are baked with whole wheat flour, eggs and brown sugar. Each muffin contains less than 6g of sugar. If you want to contact me for additional information, feel free to contact me trough myy e-mail: icapaola@gmail.com. Cocoa and Granada Muffins Fluffy … Continue reading Choose your pastry!

Coconut Mocha Pancakes

In these pancakes you really can taste the three main ingredients: the rich coconut, the cocoa and bold coffee. I topped them with berries and toasted coconuts. Their texture is really soft and a bit chewy. Ingredients:                                     … Continue reading Coconut Mocha Pancakes

Warm Sweet Baked Apple

This is so funny to do! I felt like Snow White baking or even worst as the Evil Queen when poisoning the apple. But no worries because I did not poisoned the apple. On the contrary, I made it a fun dish out of it. I thought it was going to be difficult. Instead, for … Continue reading Warm Sweet Baked Apple

Peanut Butter and Banana Crepe

Who wants a peanut butter and banana crepe!? This is incredibly delicious. These two ingredients always pair perfectly in everything. They always get me in love and I will never get tired of them. They are excelent at any time of the day because they complement each other in order supply energy. The mixture of … Continue reading Peanut Butter and Banana Crepe

Indusctiblemente los mejores…Arrope

"Arrópate con Arrope." este es el estribillo de la cafetería localizada en Río Piedras en la calle Consuelo Carbo, muy cerca de la avenida Universidad. El lugar tiene un ambiente ecológico, decorado con plantas en el techo y las paredes pintadas de verde. Al instante te darás cuenta de la conexión que hay con el … Continue reading Indusctiblemente los mejores…Arrope

Coconut French Toasts

For the coconut lovers, these french toasts are for you. Ingredients:                                                                                         … Continue reading Coconut French Toasts

White Bean and Sparragus Soup

I was really excited to make this classi soup! It turned out a fantastic recipe for a delicious and healthy dinner. It was very easy, fun and quick to make. I added rosemary which make this soup really refreshing for a ligh meal. I ate this soup as a main dish with a tilapia fillet … Continue reading White Bean and Sparragus Soup

Black Bean Soup

Black beans are my favorites between all the types of beans. I love the way they get to be thick and useful in the kitchen for veggie burgers and desserts like brownies or cakes. Half a cup of black beans contain 0g of fat, 18g of carbohydrates and 7g of protein. This soup is very … Continue reading Black Bean Soup

Mint Oatmeal

                                                                                                              … Continue reading Mint Oatmeal