Tu nuevo “healthy spot” en la Avenida Universidad.


There is a myriad of choices to eat at Pitanza. It includes green juices, smoothies, açai bowls and fruit salads. They also offer salads, wraps, pita pockets and sandwiches. Each day they have a special dish which can be pasta, rice or mashed potato with any kind of protein and a green salad with vinagraitte.

For the fruit salad you may choose between three fruits. It comes with granola, honey and yogurt. You may also add nut butter or seeds.


When ordering a salad, you first choose your main greens (green mix or spinach), 4 vegetables, your preference of protein and vinagraitte. For the vegetables you can have mushrooms, olives, brocoli, tomatoes or baby tomatoes, carrot or cucumbre. As a protein source, you can order salmon, mahi mahi, a veggie pattie, tofú, chicken, quinoa or garbanzos.


You can also eat a baked potato and topped it with vegetables and a protein source and vinagraitte. They have a lot of dressing options such as olive oil, coconut vinagraitte, cranberry sauce and many others.


If you want a wrap you can choose between tomato, spinach or whole wheat.


Their burger buns are two thin pita breads. Wraps, sandiwches, pita pockets and burger includes chips with homemade hummus.

I love the variety they offer in their restaurant. Any person can evidently eat in Pitanza and enjoy their food. Their ingredients have a great quality and taste fresh.

You have Wi-Fi service in the establishment so you can bring your laptop.

The cashiersare very jovial and energetic. They and the chefs are very responsable with the orders they take and make.

The prices are very cheap and reasonable. This is amazing because you can enjoy healthy and vegetarina food with any budget.


Phone: 787-918-8880                                                                                                                                                     Instagram: pitanzapr                                                                                                                                                         Facebook: Pitanzapr                                                                                                                                                       Schedule: lunes-viernes 11:00am-9:00pm     sábado-domingo 1:00pm-7:00pm

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