Banana ans Dark Chocolate Chips Crepe


Have you tried the Banana and Dark Chocolate Chip Pancakes? Because these crepes are the bomb! The combination of banana andate chips is a sweet one so not necessisity of syrup. Why almonds? because the pair up perfectly with dark chocolate chips. These three healthy ingredients make this delicious crepe a balanced one. The soft texture feels amazing in your mouth because it dissolves delighfully.


I always use dark chocolate chips because it contains the antioxidants of the cacao bean unlike the milk chocolate which is more processed so its health benefits are poor. Dark chocolate also has a bitter sweet taste that the taste buds are friendly with.

Almonds are known because it fights gastritis. They also prevent headaches. If consumed daily they make your heart stronger and healthier.


Bananas are high in potassium and they are the best fruits for giving energy. If you want your bananas to lst longer you can store them in the regrigerator or freezer. You can also wrap them with aluminium foil and let them on the counter of the kitchen.


The greek yogurt is an excelent source of calcium and protein. If you do jot like it bitter flavor you can mix it with vanilla, cinnamon, honey or agave to give it a whisk. You can substitute oils and eggs for greek yogurt in many cooking and baking recipes. Since it gets thick when fridged, you can use it as frostings for your cakes, cupcakes or bread loafs.


There are many ways of folding a crepe. You may use what is more comfortable or adequate for yours. You can fold the sides, make a burrito or fold the bottom. It would have different shapes such as triangle, rectangle, cylinder, or semicircle.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    yield: 1 person

For the crepe: 1/4cup whole wheat flour      1tsp brown sugar      1.5T dark chocolate chips      1/2 banana (.75oz)         enough water for consistency                       WP_20150116_008

For the filling: 1/4banana         1/2cup greek yogurt                                                                                                                                                                                   Toppings: 1tsp dark chocolate chips      1/4 banana      1T sliced almonds


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Take a banana of approximately 1.5 or 2oz. Cut it in half and mashed one half in a bowl. Then add all the dry ingredients for the crepes. Mix with water until crepe consistency and then fold in the dark chocolate chips. Turn on a skillet and pour all the batter. Let it cook about 2mins or until golden and flip it and let cook 1more minute.


Then tranfer it to the serving dish.


Add the greek yogurt to the crepe and add 1/4piece of the half of the banana left. Fold in the sides of the crepes. Once closed, topped it with the left banana cut in slices, 1tsp dark chocolate chips and almonds.

Nutrition Facts: 7.25g fat     49g carbohydrates     16.5g protein


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