El Mesón Sandwiches

20140513_133811                                                                                                                                                                                Established in the town of Aguadilla in 1972 El Mesón Sandwiches specializes in the confection of sandwiches with a lot of passion, dedication and over all quality. This Puerto Rican reestaurant also offers traditional dishes such as sorullitos de maíz, bacalaitos y quesitos. They have many protein source in their menu: eggs, eggwhites, cheese, turkey, ham, bacon, chicken and soy. For breads you can choose between white, whole wheat, multigrain or pita. What I admire os them is the accuracy on their nutritional chart that you can read in a PDF document in their website. No matter what macros I have left, I can always fit them in my macros.


Some items in their menu includes the Pita Bistro which has egg, turkey and cheese (shown in the photo above). You can have a nutritious omelette with lots of veggies such as onion, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes and sometimes chicmichurri. You can have your omelette with turkey, ham or bacon and cheese. Each egg source (fried, omelette or scrambled) comes with toasts. I always order my omelette with eggwhites, turkey ham and without cheese and multigrain toasts without margarine. You can also have your eggs with sautte potatoes.


You can also order a wrap (vegetarina, with egg, or turkey).

They have pancakes dishes! You can have pancakes with eggs or a stronger dish with pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, and turkey, bacon or ham.

Not in all restaurant, but in Bayamón and Montehiedra they have roasted potatoes that you can topped with cheese, turkey, margarine, or broccoli.


They also have seasonal dishes such as the Chicken Pita, El Pavochón, or El Nuevo Día Combo.


They have a dessert bar with brownies, cinnamon rolls, quesitos, muffins, breads and crumbles. They combine perfectly with their strong coffee which they sell at their restaurants with a coffee cup or coffee mug. You can also find their coffee in the supermarkets. Just in case you are not a coffee lover, you can have green, lemon, chai or jazmin tea.


Their service is fast, neat and excelent! Either the cashier and the chef they are really aware of making the order as you order it. One of the elements that make up El Mesón Sandwiches so succesful is the friendly prices they have!

I dare to say that this is one of the most healthiest fast foods. When I go to this restaurant I like to see the seniors, couples or families having their food, or coffee, or dessert exchanging smiles and havin a conversation. Undoubtedty, this food chain unifies the Puerto Rican family.

 Webpage: http://www.elmesonsandwiches.com/compania/compania.html

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