Creamy Coconut Mocha Oatmeal


This creamy and chocolaty warm oatmeal is extremely delicious. When you eat it, each bite transports you to heaven. This oatmeal contains cocoa, black coffee, and coconut milk. I topped it with toasted shredded coconut, berries and Apasionados Mocha Chocolate Sqaures.


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                               yield: 1 person

1/2cup oats     1tbsp+1tsp cocoa     3tbsp coconut milk      3tbsp black coffee      water     berries      1tbsp toasted coconut shreds       1/2cup greek yogurt                                                    1 square Apasionados Mocha Square


In a deep plate add the cocoa, coconut milk, coffee and oats with the water for mixing everything. The water should cover the mixture. Microwave it for 50 secs and continue to cook it by substracting 10secs each time you put it again in the micorwave until the oatmeal is done. Now, you can add the greek yogurt or you can safe it as a topping. I ate my greek yogurt separately from the oatmeal because I understood that the creamyness of the oatmeal was perfect. Toast the coconut shreds in a pan until golden and aromatic. Add the berries, chopped chocolate, and toasted coconut to the oat.


Nutritioncal facts without Apasionados Mocha Square:                                                               12g fat     41g carbohydrates     18g protein                             WP_20141211_007

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