Latte que Latte… para el corazón cafetero


Latte que latte…para el corazón cafetero


This enchanted coffee place is located in the Domenech Avenue 273, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Undoublty, this is the best coffee in Puerto Rico. The mild lilac and white colors that cover the place turn the environment into a relaxed one. The phrases in the walls help you reflect on life events. The building inside is like a doll house. The perfect ilumination helps you to concentrate and have clear ideas and a great conversation. The chandelliers that hang from the ceiling are very pretty.


Their black coffee is not bitter. It has a perfect balance and it contains sweet notes. It does not matter which coffee you drink, each sip is the perfet one. They have espresso, americano, latte with cow’s milk or almond milk, chocoloco (cocoa and coffee), chococo (coconut, cocoa and coffee), a sweet coffee prepared with condensed milk and many other flavors you can add to your coffee. Besides the puya and latte, I really like the coconut, cocoa and coffee drink because they make an excelent combination and you can delight the three flavors clearly.


Each coffe is served with a thin waffle cookie with an elaborated flower design. The place is full of different kind of flowers. The waffle cookie is homemade, hot and fresh. It is really fun to sink it into your coffee.


In their food menu, they have BeWaffled waffles that you can eat with whipped cream, berries and syrup. They ,also, have paninis, salads and wraps that include, hummus, tuna, turkey, chicken, ham, and swiss, american or cream cheese. For a kick you can add pesto salsa, mayonnaiese, butter or guayaba. Their wraps and breads can be either white or whole wheat. Each panini or wrap comes with wilted spinachs and tomatoes.

My favorite one is the hummus wrap! It  has a garlic flavor and contains pesto salsa. I have it without the cheese because I don’t like cheese (it feels like eating plastic for me).

They also offered a breakfast menu with scrambled eggs and toasts.

For desserts they have macaroons, cakes, flans, and muffins or cupcakes.


Besides coffee, they also offer a myriad of teas, including an energetic chai tea.


Their prices are a bit high, but it is really worth it.


The service is extremely jovial and careful. Christina and Amilcar are the sweet couple that lead Latte que Latte. They know very well their clientele.

At the back of the establishment there is a small library that you can use for study purposes or enter for having a nice reading time.


During Christmas season they made a Coffee Coquito! This is super mega delicious. It is very thick, cold, and have a lot of cinnamon. If you want to order one, you may contact them. The bottle costs $12 and they gifted me a pin!


Facebook: Latte que Latte                                                                                                                 Instagram: lattequelatte                                                                                                                   Cellphone: 787-963-1070                                                                                                      Schedule: Monday to Friday: 7:15am-6:00pm     Saturdays: 8:30am-2:00pm

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