Beet Risotto with a Vegetarian Twist


I gave a twist to classic risotto! I combined beets for an attractive risotto and used greek yogurt for risotto like vegetarian risotto. Using greek yogurt also makes risotto a fat free food. I added onions and garlic and, obviously, beets. Used half water and half beet juice and beet puree, but if you want an intense color like burgundy, you can make it with just beet juice.


Feel free to add mushrooms. I love mushrooms because they have a meaty texture. I did not add mushroom to this plate because I did not have in my refrigerator. I also added tofutti, which is a vegan option for cream cheese.  WP_20141209_020

You can eat the risotto with a lot of different veggies. You can also bolster it with tofú or follow my recipe with Swai fillet.

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                               yield: 1 person

1cup couscous         1/2cup beet juice and water         2/3cup greek yogurt      sea salt to taste 1/2tsp oregano powder             1/2 white onion chopped       2tbsp tofutti

Procedure:                                                                                                                                           Use half of a medium size beet and cut it in small pieces. Boil water with sea salt and thyme. Put the beets and let them cook until tender. Using a blender, pulse the beet until liquid. Now, set aside that mixture.


In a hot casserole add the onions with the garlic until they soften and the aroma arises. Add the liquids and then the couscous. Let it boil and once the grain had absorb some water, add the greek yogurt and mix well. Let the risotto boil one more time and turn off the stove. At this time, add the tofutti so it will not be completely melted.

Serve the risotto really hot and eat it with any alternative you want.  WP_20141209_019

Nutrititional facts for 1 cup of risotto: 1g fat     46g carbohydrates      11g protein

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