Peppermint Mocha Pancakes

In honor of Christmas, I made this delicious pancakes with organic peppermint and local coffee and cocoa. I drizzled agave and topped them with organic candy canes that I bought at Freshmart. Each candy cane weight 14g and there are 14g of carbohydrates in each. I used about 7g of a candy cane for garnishing … Continue reading Peppermint Mocha Pancakes

Tofu ‘meat’balls

I felt in love with these meatballs and I know you will too! It does not matter if you are vegetarian or not, you will enjoy this healthy, fun, and different dish. You would not believe they are made from tofu. Their texture is firm and their shape is very round up. When you bite them, it … Continue reading Tofu ‘meat’balls

Pumpkin Crepes with Blueberry Sauce

This crepe is really delicious! You will enjoy each bite and will be very satisfied. Ingredients:                                                                               … Continue reading Pumpkin Crepes with Blueberry Sauce

Blueberry Pancakes with Peanut Butter

Juicy and sweet filled with antioxidants and energy. I ate them with a peanut butter greek yogurt mousse and a drizzle of vanilla syrup. Ingredients:                                                             … Continue reading Blueberry Pancakes with Peanut Butter


Freshmart is a Puerto Rican born market place that focuses on selling natural and mostly organic products from personal products to food. Nowadays, Caguas, Aguadilla, Carolina, Guaynabo and Hato Rey are the towns where Frehmart has established. This market includes as products from other places as products elaborated from Puerto Rico, which make it an excelent … Continue reading Freshmart

Pistachio Banana Ice Cream

I love nuts and I can not choose which one is my favorite. There is a myriad of nuts and they are plenty of nutriments. They are rich in fats that are excellent for our body health and function. They have a small quantity of carbohydrates. Although ones more than others, nuts also contain protein. … Continue reading Pistachio Banana Ice Cream

Apple Pancakes

The spices combined in these apple pancakes make them taste like chai. Inside, they have apples and almonds that spread out their flavors when heated in the skillet. If you let the pancake mixture sit at night, it will have an intense flavor. In each bite, you will get a piece of apple and almond. Almonds … Continue reading Apple Pancakes

Cocoa Crepe filled with Peanut Butter Mousse

Wooooooo! Peanut Butter and Cocoa Crepes with a Banana syrup are the bomb! The cocoa is there, the peanut butter is also there and the banana just hit it! These flavors combined together to make a feast in your mouth. Chocolate an peanut butter is a classic combination and peanut butter and banana is another … Continue reading Cocoa Crepe filled with Peanut Butter Mousse

Creamy Coconut Mocha Oatmeal

This creamy and chocolaty warm oatmeal is extremely delicious. When you eat it, each bite transports you to heaven. This oatmeal contains cocoa, black coffee, and coconut milk. I topped it with toasted shredded coconut, berries and Apasionados Mocha Chocolate Sqaures. Ingredients:                           … Continue reading Creamy Coconut Mocha Oatmeal

Beet Risotto with a Vegetarian Twist

I gave a twist to classic risotto! I combined beets for an attractive risotto and used greek yogurt for risotto like vegetarian risotto. Using greek yogurt also makes risotto a fat free food. I added onions and garlic and, obviously, beets. Used half water and half beet juice and beet puree, but if you want … Continue reading Beet Risotto with a Vegetarian Twist