“Quesito” Pancakes

WP_20141115_002                                                                          “Quesito” is a typical desert in Puerto Rico. It consist of a puff pastry filled with creamy cream cheese and topped with a glaze of honey and sugar. I have done quesitos in my house with my family and then ate them, shared them, brought them to a party o family meeting, or sold them at work or school. Quesitos is my favorite dessert. Although I do not eat cheese, I cannot resisted. You can finf quesitos in any bakery in Puerto Rico and some restaurants like El Mesón Sanwiches or Starbucks (http://store.starbucks.com/starbucks-puerto-rico/011018249,default,pd.html).

WP_20141116_005                                                                                My like for quesitos bolster my recipe of this pancakes which turned out to be great! They were smooth, the mixture of the quesito was creamy, cheesy and everything was sweet. You would ask yourself why I made this pancakes if a do not eat cheese. Well, my friends, I made them with a vegetarian cream cheese. I bought it on Freshmart for this purpose. WP_20141116_010

I mixed the cream cheese with greek yogurt (always use greek!) and vainilla. Then, I mashed it with a fork until creamy.


I opened carefully a pancake, thinly with a knife and add the misture and then closed it. These pancakes are full of this delicious mixture.

So after eating this pancakes you can have an idea of what a quesito is like.WP_20141116_009 WP_20141116_008

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